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some favorite quotes from Persephone's music and dance clientele

She is a brilliant teacher.  She uses numbers for people like me who think like that, and for the ones that like to feel things out, she has us do it over and over and work through it.  Just brilliant.  This class is the best.
--Lawrence 11/2015

Persephone has worked a miracle, and I finally got the Redowa down.
--Tanya 8/2010

I usually hate Christmas music, but when you DJed I liked yours.
--Anandamayi 11/2009

Neither rain nor sleet nor mud kept Persephone from my party. It was a day when everything went drastically wrong and we all arrived late and flustered, but Persephone and Charles took it all in stride and set up in a flash. We had to move at the last second to a dance floor that was half the size of our original location and far too small for the number of dancers, with a pole right in the center of it too boot, but that didn't stop Persephone. She instantly adapted her waltz lesson for the smaller space, and we had a lot of fun learning. The music the rest of the night was also great--she picked a couple of my favorite songs by coincidence in addition to my requests, and it was such a perfect mix of styles that the swing dancers, waltzers, and club dancers (is that the right term? non-social dancers?) all had a great time. She absolutely made the party.

--Meredith 10/2008

You play tactful waltzes-- ones where we don't have trouble hearing the beat, so we don't get lost.
--Shannon 8/2008

I learned more from you just now in five minutes than I learned at Waltz Week in four and a half hours!
--Cynthia 2/2008

I had said to my girlfriend, "We'll just dance a few and then we'll leave," because I knew I was tired--
but then I kept not leaving, and it's midnight and we're still here!
--Alexander 12/2007

You are so thoughtful and I have to say I have never met another instructor like you.

--Steve 10/2007

You know, I had taken class in Bohemian National Polka from [instructor] and [another instructor] but it never made sense until you explained it to us tonight.
--Wondra 9/2007

I am impressed by both the depth and breadth of your music selections tonight.
--member of the wedding party 9/2007

That's why I told my daughter she had to come; I knew she would love your music.
--Rex 2/2007

I was helping to teach the pivots, and I thought, maybe I'll try what Persephone told us to do... and it worked, you were right!
--Gregory 1/2007

I like that when you DJ, you are aware when you have beginners, and play songs they can be comfortable with.
--Adriane 10/2006

You played a great selection of music.  This is the first time in ten years I got my husband to dance with me more than once in an evening.

--wedding guest 8/2006

I have to get to your waltz class.  Every time tonight I dance with someone who is really good, they turn out to be your student.  Thank you for teaching!
--Brian 8/2006

Whenever someone compliments me on my dancing, I tell them, there's Persephone, my teacher-- go take from her!
--Lauren 3/2005

I'm sure our wedding reception would not have run as smoothly without you.  The waltz you picked for our first dance was perfect, and faded out at just the right moment.
--Neal 11/2004



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