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Music Recommendations

To the many people who have asked us where to find waltz practice music, there is not a simple answer.  There are many compilations of Strauss and other 19th century waltzes, but as these are classical music, the tempo changes and variation of dynamics make them too difficult for the beginning or intermediate dancer to practice to. So here are some individual songs you may find in your collection (or a friend's, or the library...)  These are chosen not only because they are by artists you may recognize, but also because you will be able to hear the beat to dance on, more easily than in most classical music.

           BPM          Title

          102          Open Arms
          114          You Ain't the First
          120          Amy Hit the Atmosphere
          126          Daughters
          132          Ice Cream
          144          Nothing Else Matters
          150          I'm With You
          156          Caribbean Blue
          168          Daysleeper
          177          Piano Man
          180          Norwegian Wood
Guns N Roses
Counting Crows
John Mayer
Sarah McLachlan
Avril Lavigne
Billy Joel
The Beatles

In 2016 two of my students put some of my favorite waltzes into online playlists for public listening:
Hear waltzes on Spotify
Hear waltzes on Google Music

Some of the local dance bands have recorded themselves onto CD, which you can look into purchasing from them. 
Should you not have that opportunity, there are a few albums out there which more advanced dancers may wish to collect and practice to:

Artist Title Genre
Type of Dance(s)
Avril Lavigne
Under My Skin
A waltz, a schottische,
and a nightclub 2step
Bavarian Oompah Band
from Airmail Music
Fête de la Bière
(Beer Festival)
(mostly in German)
Many waltzes and polkas,
march and schottische
Cocteau Twins
Many waltzes
Dick Hyman, Gerard Schwarz,
and their orchestras
Come and Trip It
Historical / Educational United States
Waltzes, polka, and
Edith Butler
Le Party D'Edith
Two waltzes, and
many reels for set dances
Jay Ungar & Molly Mason The Lovers' Waltz Folk
United States
Several waltzes, a polka
and a foxtrot
Jimmy Sturr
Polka! All Night Long
United States
Many polkas,
and two waltzes
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds  Murder Ballads Alternative Rock
Several waltzes, a polka
and a swing
Orchestre Symphonique
de la RTBF
Carnet De Bal Historical / Educational
Mazurka, polka
and Quadrilles
Rufus and Martha Wainwright,
Nick Cave, and others
Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man
Movie Soundtrack
United States
Many waltzes
The Dead Milkmen
United States
Many polkas,
and two very fast waltzes
The Dubliners 30 Years A-Greying Folk
Many waltzes, also
schottische and foxtrot
Tom Glazer
A Treasury of Civil War Songs Historical / Educational United States
Waltz, polka, and
Yann Tiersen

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain Movie Soundtrack
Many waltzes

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