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Victorian Dance Classes

Our weekly class in vintage dances is on haitus, as of January 2017.  Thank you to all the students that shared their time with us for the 11+ years we were at the Lake Merritt Dance Center.  An extra thank you to the ones who practiced and pointed their toes!  :)  If and when we start up another class, we will let you know.  For your reference, here is how our class was formatted.

7  pm Beginning Class in Waltz
all levels welcome; no partner or experience necessary
we vary the moves from week to week, so you can build a good repertoire
only $8 per class

A new twist on an old twirl!  Join us as we take the easy, romantic waltz from a century ago and spice it up with music from right now.  This is vintage style waltzing, where the emphasis is on carousing and comraderie rather than on competition.  You may have seen this rotary waltz at a contra dance, folk dance, or Scottish or Irish ceili... it spans many countries and groups.  A handful of our high-quality lessons is enough to make a waltzer of you, and by then most people like it so much they come back over and over.

8  pm Intermediate Class, in Waltz and other Victorian dances
prerequisite = 3 weeks or more in our Beginning class

  The 8-9pm class runs as a monthly series.  Returning students join the first Tuesday of the month, and since we are keeping everyone for several weeks, we can review material and progress better.  $36 for 4 weeks, also includes admittance to the 7pm class so you can get a good warm up :)

Sample topics covered in the 8pm Intermediate/Advanced class:
(so you see what you have to look forward to :)

Navigating the dance floor
Turns in Skaters' position
1920s Charleston
Lead & Follow skills
Cross-Step waltz and its variations

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